Rachel Roy in drag, via Paper Magazine

Thanks Paper Magazine, gender play is hot

Rachel Roy in drag, via Paper Magazine

Fashion Designer Rachel Roy, via Paper Magazine

Paper Magazine has a fun photo shoot in their most recent edition with 12 women in various creative industries. It’s called “She’s Got Balls: 12 Creative Women Get in Touch With Their Masculine Side.” The full slide show is here, including pictures with Jenny Shimizu, among others.

I think gender-bending in general is hot. I love playing with gender, and seeing this kind of gender play (with queer and straight women) promoted on national platforms is great. We should all play with gender more, in whatever way works for us.

My only criticism would be that some of the photos use dirt and fake bruises in ways that just play up the same old stereotypes about men (they’re dirty and violent!). Not so cool.

Via After Ellen

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