Hello Feministing World!


Hello Feministing World!

Hello, so very nice to meet you!

My name is Dena Robinson and I will be blogging for Feministing Campus this year! I am a junior at Colgate University and will be writing on behalf of the Sisters of the Round Table (SORT), a feminist-womanist, all-inclusive organization of which I am the Chairwoman. In addition to running this organization, I am the Co-Chairperson of the Black Student Union and am a student sexual harassment adviser at my University. For the entirety of my Colgate career thus far, I have been working with the administration to revamp our school’s sexual assault and harassment policies. This past summer I interned with the Feminist Majority Foundation and blogged for their Choices Campus blog (and continue to do so; check it out, its good stuff) and am also a blogger for Abortion Gang. You can also find me on Twitter (@DenaRobinson).

At Feministing Campus I will mainly be blogging about rabblerousing at Colgate and different ways to work with your administration to affect change for sexual assault victims and survivors on your campus. As a queer woman of colour, I’ll often write articles about issues facing queer persons of colour at Colgate and around the world, queer issues, etc etc. Yes, I will probably write on a wide arrange of things. Feel free to comment—I love reading comments a lot!

Thanks for reading this very long rant and I enjoy getting to converse with y’all.

Have a wonderful, awesome day wonderful feminists!

Peace and love,


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