What Does Meryl Streep have in common with the Tea Party?

PhotobucketThat they both have their eyes on a women’s history museum to be built in Washington D.C. — but with entirely different intentions. Streep recently held a gala raising funds as well as pledged $1 million dollars to help create the the building, while Tea Party Republicans and general misogynists Senators Jim DeMint and Tom Coburn are intent on making sure the museum is never built.

As Taylor Marsh informs us, this is because our favorite lady-hating ladies, Concerned Women for America, reached out to the two senators to do something about the museum because apparently “women’s history” is just code for “abortion’s history.” So the two fellas put a”hold” on the bill that would sell land near the Smithsonian for the National Women’s History Museum. Coburn’s public statement as to why the museum isn’t necessary? Because there are plenty of other museums that have a “similar mission,” which include the Quilters Museum of Fame and the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame.

And, as Marsh points out, DeMint and Coburn are totally the most qualified folks to make a stink about the museum — you know, since they think rape survivors should be forced to give childbirth and voted against the amendment that would deny defense contracts to companies who won’t allow women employees  to fight back if they’re sexually assaulted. Did I also mention Coburn has also put a “hold” on a bill that’s keeping the millions of dollars in aid the U.S. pledged from going to Haiti earthquake survivors? (Jon Stewart has more.)

As for the women’s history museum, I would love to hear what Tea Party leader and so-called “feminist” Sarah Palin has to say about this. (But not really.) Check out Marsh’s post for the rest. In the meantime, I couldn’t help loving Streep’s response to the senators’ hold:

“We will get permission, because I can’t imagine those two senators who have put a hold on our museum have the stomach for war with the women of America.”


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  • nazza

    Both of these men are believers in a parody of women’s rights and feel threatened by it. We’ve tried to refute stereotypes over and over again, but some people just won’t listen.

  • Jessica “Jess” Victoria Carillo

    My goodness, Meryl Streep is badass. Uggh, the tea party is getting me so annoyed, to the point I dread the traditional ones held by little girls in playtime and old proper women from Great Britain

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  • lisa evans

    Uh…the Quilters Hall of Fame has MEN in it. Four of them, to be accurate: William Dunton (quilt historian), Jonathan Holstein (quilt historian and collector), Jeffrey Gutcheon (fabric designer), and Michael James (studio quilter and teacher). Its mission statement doesn’t mention women’s history once…and given how many quilters have used their work to promote causes like Civil War relief, female suffrage, AIDS awareness, opposition to the Gulf War, and so on, I’m surprised that Tom Coburn had the nerve to bring the QHF up at all.

  • scarlett

    WHOOOHOOO, I just LOVE her!
    “We will get permission, because I can’t imagine those two senators who have put a hold on our museum have the stomach for war with the women of America.”
    Well, I don’t think there is anything to add! :D

  • Sydnee

    Just wanted to make a note that every Congresswoman both on the extreme right, left and in between support the passage of this legislation!