Feministing on Tour: Offline and Unfiltered

PhotobucketSome of you may remember Feministing kicking off our college tour last year — we decided that after years of blogging online, it was about time we meet more of our readers face to face. After all, it’s one thing to have the occasional local happy hour, but another to be able to sit down with readers across the country (and internationally!) to talk about the state of the feminist movement(s). In fact, it was such a fantastic time, we decided to hit the road again this year.

Between “he-cessions,” mama grizzlies, and a rapidly shifting movement, there’s much to discuss this year. We’re also thrilled to be working with the fantastic speaker’s bureau Soapbox Inc., founded by the amazing feminist authors Jennifer Baumgardner and Amy Richards. If you’re interested in bringing us to your campus or organization, email us here for information on fees and availability.

Out keynote panel will be covering a range of hot topics, including:

  • How is the failing economy changing gender roles?
  • What’s up with the sexual climate on college campuses?
  • How has the internet transformed feminism?
  • Is there such a thing as “women’s issues” anymore?
  • Why can’t an older generation seem to embrace intersectional feminism?
  • Why are conservative women leaders (cough, Sarah Palin, cough) co-opting feminist language and what can we do about it?
  • Women of color have been burned by feminism. Is bridge building possible? What does it look like?
  • Is feminism today still a bonafide movement? If so, where’s the “moving?” Is there a fourth wave?

Check out more info and the additional bonuses that come with our visit (like guest blog posts by featured student panelists and blogging workshops) at our Feministing on Tour page.

Hopefully see you out there!

*Note: Not all Feministing Editors are part of Feministing on Tour. You can check out individual speakers here.

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