Weekly Feminist Reader

So appropriate.

Apparently it’s fine to advertise Cialis and Viagra, but not sex drugs for women.

Sex, race, ethnicity, and the recession.

Confessions of a Former Comedy Chauvinist.

”In the aftermath of violence in Kyrgyzstan, women are jump-starting peace talks across ethnic lines—and taking the security of their country in their own hands.”

Why aren’t there more women music critics?

The actual effects of parental consent laws for abortion.

”More than 70,000 people a day pass through Brazil’s São Paulo Guarulhos International airport. And every day, five of them are arrested for drugs trafficking. Many of them are women.”

TransGriot on the ”For Colored Girls” movie.

Sexual harassment and ”just asking questions.”

Revolting: A district attorney in Wisconsin sexted the rape survivor he was representing in court.

The Facing Race conference is coming up, Sept 23-25!

What have you been reading/writing this week?

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