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Pic: Edmonds/AP

A moving piece by Dahlia Lithwick on why Ruth Bader Ginsburg is the Mother of All Grizzlies.

How it cost $6 million to kill Oscar Grant.

The GOP’s renowned Sen. Orrin Hatch (Utah) has come out in defense of the mosque to be built in lower Manhattan.

One of Sharron Angle’s donors listed her employer as “husband” and her occupation as “slave.” Is this the “traditional marriage” Angle likes to push for?

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  • http://feministing.com/members/lorax/ Loranne

    I loved the article praising Ruth Bader Ginsburg. It was good to be reminded of all she’s done for the world… all she’s done for me, as woman, for that matter.

    This may be a small bone to pick, but I’m disappointed in the Hill article linked in the Orrin Hatch blurb. The comments are full of paranoid, anti-Islam hatespeech, and they made me really sad. Any chance we can change it to a different article with the same story? It’d be cool if we could direct traffic to a site full of less negativity on the subject.

  • http://feministing.com/members/mjameson/ Matthew T. Jameson

    Dear Vanessa,

    I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your joining the Feministing family. You always link to interesting, well-reasoned and data-based articles, and never fail to remind me why I keep coming back to this site! Looking forward to your future posts and writing.