Holy Hypocrite of the Day: Gov. Tim Pawlenty

PhotobucketMaya calls Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty out on his blatant hypocrisy this week — apparently the governor has turned down a $850,000 federal grant for sex education in the name of “striving to find ways to stop” health care reform in his state.

The thing is, Timmy boy has no problems whatsoever accepting a health care reform-sponsored $500,000 grant for abstinence-only programs — $379,000 of which needs to be matched by state funds. Says Maya:

The decision was (unsurprisingly) condemned by all the people who make it their business to know and care about adolescent health and was supported by one Tom Prichard, head of the Minnesota Family Council, who had this to say:

“It’s better to spend no money on sex education if it’s going to have a condom message. You are pouring fuel on the fire.”

That’s right—it’s better to spend no money on sex education than tell kids about condoms even when it isn’t even your own money you’re spending.


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  1. Posted August 31, 2010 at 8:14 pm | Permalink

    As a Minnesotan, the only thing I can say to this is that the election in November cannot come soon enough! Pawlenty just has horrible idea after horrible idea. Why he seems to think that running for Pres. in the next presidential election is a good idea is beyond me.

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  1. By What I’m reading | ethecofem on September 1, 2010 at 11:43 pm

    [...] governor just fucking sucks. There’s really no question about it. Thing is, while there’s a lot of talk about his alleged hope to run for president [...]

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