Emmy round-up

“Mad Men” and “Modern Family” were the big winners last night at the Emmy’s, which most news outlets are reporting was actually tolerable with Jimmy Falon at the helm (Jimmy’s so cute, isn’t he?). Claire Danes won for her portrayal of autistic animal rights activist Temple Grandin, Edie Falco won for “Nurse Betty,” Kyra Sedgwick won for “The Closer,” and, no surprise here, “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” won for the eighth time in a row.

Jane Lynch won for Outstanding Performance as a Supporting Actress in a Comedy. I’ve been thinking about how her character on “Glee” is kind of a wonderful parody of the breed of go girl faux-feminist that has been sweeping our big and little screens as of late. She’s like a monster version of female ambition–complete with tracksuits, internalized sexism, and cruelty. Check out Lynch’s very sweet acceptance speech, in which she openly acknowledges her wifey:

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