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cartoon of man saying, 'but you don't look like a feminist' and a woman replying 'you have to be careful, we often disguise ourselves as human beings.'

The Crunk Feminist Collective considers Nicki Minaj.

Margaret Atwood on being a woman writer.

On the relationship between sex and housework.

Good riddance, Dr. Laura.

An awesome essay on women and rock music — and music journalism: “[S]ince there are women fucking DOING incredible things in the music scene these days, we deserve to see images of women DOING things, alongside men, and not just passively posing, semi-naked, for those men’s titillation. Got that? Okay!”

Rebecca Traister and Anna Holmes ask, where’s the liberal Sarah Palin? Hortense has more.

Sarah at Women’s Glib on women and masturbation.

You don’t have to be gay to do the right thing on gay rights.

“The Internet can be used as a political tool, not to just raise money for a campaign. It can challenge the power relationships, elevate the status of women, and radically redefine relationships. Currently it’s not doing that.” Deanna Zandt is wise.

The Spoon Theory is one way of understanding what it’s like to have a chronic illness.

The sex-text bullshit isn’t over for Caster Semenya.

At the Huffington Post, sexism sells.

Among EU ambassadors, there are more Belgians than women.

Women tennis players illustrate how power is beautiful.

Rachel Maddow exposes Virginia’s ultraconservative attorney general.

There are new stats on sexual abuse in prisons. Eric Holder really needs to do something about this.

Five Memes That Are Mostly Just People Laughing at Working-Class African Americans

A new grant is prompting some states to reject abstinence-only funding.

Read this: Marginalized folks shouldn’t always have to be “the bigger persons”

There could be fewer women in Congress after November’s midterm elections. Yet another good reason to VOTE!

A Q&A with Aiesha Turman of The Black Girl Project.

Reminder to Glenn Beck and tea partiers: Martin Luther King, Jr. “forcefully advocated for drastic action by the federal government to combat poverty; supported ‘social justice'; called for an “economic bill of rights” that would ‘guarantee a job to all people who want to work'; and stated that we must address whether we need to ‘restructure the whole of American society’ — all ideas that Beck has vilified.”

On Obama, ‘The View,’ and race in America.

What have you been reading/writing this week?

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