Douche for success, ladies

I don’t know why everyone is so shocked by this ad! My vagina has a direct relationship to my workplace success. The last time I asked for a raise I just vajazzled “50k??” on my pubic bone and dropped trow in the boss’s office.

an ad for summer's eve douche that instructs women to clean their vaginas in order to gain confidence to ask for a raise at work

Make it (smell like) rain!

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  • Matt

    This is such a blatant ploy… are there really that many women who are falling for it? It’s not as if many people are comfortable asking their bosses for a bigger paycheck right now.

    Advertisers hijacking social messages is sort of rampant these days. An insurance company with a stereotypically-dressed shopping clerk excitedly saying “no glass ceiling.” Car companies with slogans of cars for consumers who defy convention. It’s more than just manipulative — it turns people into complacent customers (or at least seemingly tries to).

  • vampireseal

    Hilarious and sad all at once. However most women’s magazines are simply articles wrapped around an advertisment, so this really is not that shocking, only more blatant.

    I’m waiting to see how buying a new brand of maxi pad will make me CEO in the next ad.