Rockin’ out for the girls

I don’t know if you’ve heard the news, but a couple of weeks ago, I officially became a rock star. That’s right–little ol’ blogging, no musical skills having me joined a bonafide band, wrote an original song, and sang my ass off in front of a crowd at the Knitting Factory in super hip Williamsburg.

This is the Willie Mae Rock Camp experience. You enter a mortal and leave a bad ass.

The Camp’s mission is actually focused on empowering girls to rock out, but they do two camps for adult women every year as a fundraiser for scholarships for the little rockers. After a week of disappointing work stuff, I jumped on board last minute to take my place as the lead singer of Pretty Little Heads–a do-wop meets punk band. Along with my incredible band mates, all new to their instruments (base, guitar, and drums), I wrote a cathartic song officially titled “Double talker OR why weren’t not taking shit anymore now that we’re 30-years-old and grown ass women.” Here it is, shakiness and all:

I fully admit that my voice is not rock star material and I fear I ended up looking more like a little girl throwing a temper tantrum than a punk bad ass, but I enjoyed the hell out of myself and was so proud of my band mates for learning instruments and playing a song in two and half days. It felt intimidating, but important, to try something completely new, be out of my element, remember what it feels like to learn something from scratch. I think that as adult women we often get accustomed to only doing what we’re good at, or expert in, and forget the freedom of learning something, being bad at something, not taking ourselves so damn seriously.

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