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Carla Thomas performs at Wattstax, the 1972 music festival to commemmorate the 7th anniversary of the Watts riots in L.A. This week marked the 45th anniversary of the riots.

Did Jezebel’s criticism of the Daily Show actually have some  effect on its coverage of gender?

On growing up “culturally white.”

The documentary, Reel Injun, looks fascinating.

Journalism warning labels. I want a feminist set of these! Warning: This article misgenders people. Warning: Contains reductive gender stereotypes. Warning: Reporter quotes only men. And on and on…

“And we’re the only two Black girls at the party…”

The Obama administration clarifies the standard that domestic abuse survivors have to meet in order to be granted asylum, allowing a Mexican woman to remain in the U.S., away form her abusive spouse.

How the U.S. Senate was a roadblock to women’s suffrage.

Helpful visual breakdown of what gender is and isn’t.

I was on bloggingheads with Hanna Rosin, discussing the “end of men,” marriage equality, and other stuff.

One of my favorite midwest divas of all time, Leslie Hall, is performing at the Iowa State Fair this week. Time to fire up your glue guns and break out your gold tracksuit.

The hierarchy of food needs. Also, tomatoes!

Women doctors are still always assumed to benurses. Yeah, I know it’s 2010. Wow.

The great lengths that gay members of the military must go to in order to comply with Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

People hate working for women. Aren’t you glad we live in a “post-feminist” society?

What have you been reading/writing this week?

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  • http://feministing.com/members/womanistmusings/ Renee Martin

    Seth MacFarlne Really Needs To Be Quiet: Looking at the fact that he decided to defend the recent transphobia in family guy with zmog being transphobic.
    Michelle Obama is no Marie Antoinette: Looking at the backlash that the FLOTUS faced from her recent Spain. Also examining why we expect the FLOTUS to perform free labour in a capitalist economy and the way in which female labour is devalued.
    Kristen Bauer of “True Blood” thinks it is Necessary to Starve Herself: The actress is strong in the belief that to be successful she must starve herself to maintain her weight. What kind of message does this send about female bodies.
    Kanye West Is Not Emmett Till: Though Kanye was racially attacked after last year’s AMA he has decided that it amounted to a modern day lynching and decided to compare himself to Emmett Till who was beaten beyond recognition and then lynched.
    Comedian Paul Mooney Talks Race and Why Oprah Should be Horsewhipped and Ellen is a Thief: Mooney talks candidly about how race is perceived as well as theft of White artists of the work of Blacks.
    Dr. Laura Schlessenger Gives A Weak Apology For Using The N Word On Air: Looking at her recent attack on a Black caller regarding the racist actions of her White husband. As well as looking at the fact that racism amounts to more than using the N Word.
    Finally this week’s Sunday shame is: Sunday Shame Some People Shouldn’t Do Drugs Edition: This week we shame the ever popular drunk dial. Come by, weigh in and don’t forget to share your worst drunk dial.

  • http://feministing.com/members/thedelphiad/ Dom

    This week I had the blues, so I sat down to draw up a list of things that get us down, with links to related research. And it isn’t nearly comprehensive: On women and depression. For those of us who know how it feels.

  • http://feministing.com/members/maggiegordon/ Maggie Gordon

    Hello everyone! This week I talked about fat hatred in society.

    First, I discussed body image issues in my own life and how my own family and friends introduced the struggles to me when I was very young.


    Then I critiqued a series of Canadian media articles for their fat hatred and misunderstandings.



    Maggie Gordon

  • akwhit

    People like MeMe Roth are constantly wringing their hands over the obesity crisis. But has Ms. Roth ever known what it’s like to live in a food desert?
    When you have a chronic disabling illness, you expect rude comments and insensitive treatment. But shouldn’t doctors know better?

  • http://cabaretic.blogspot.com nazza

    I’m always annoyed when older adults tell me people my age are lazy, unmotivated, and apathetic.

    So I wrote this. Change is not an Enemy or an Empty Slogan

  • brianna-g

    It’s interesting that everyone genders their doctors male. I usually assume if they are wearing a coat, they’re a doctor, while scrubs imply nurse to me– unless they have the scrub cap, when I assume they’re a surgeon. The really weird one was when my sister caught me assuming her gynecologist was a woman (he’s male)– and I realized that I gender specialties. Nurses are usually female by default, but with doctors, without prior knowledge, I gender most specialties female, but surgeons and urologists male. Yet I NEVER gender psychiatrists– I always say he or she. I think it’s because of my own experience with doctors.

  • http://feministing.com/members/happybodies/ Happy Bodies

    Call for submissions!: When did you know you were _______? We welcome stories and thoughts about all identities.

    Watch it What it means to expects someone to “watch their figure” –

    And from another blog I write for – Aging Issues from a Community’s Perspective : how issues that affect the elderly affect an entire community.

  • gabblog

    Tomorrow, Gender Across Border will re-launch our site on a new host! Check out our cool new look at the same old address: genderacrossborders.com. Thanks to everyone for bearing with us during the technical difficulties. Ever the resourceful feminists, we still posted about Naomi Campbell and LGBT equality in the States on a temporary site.

  • http://feministing.com/members/hollynichols/ Holly

    I’ve started researching for a paper have to write in order to apply to grad school. It’s about theatre and how it perpetuates heteronormativity and gender stereotypes. I’ve been reading Jill Dolan and Sue Ellen Case, old stuff but great none the less!

  • http://feministing.com/members/phaedre/ Kelly

    I have had six bosses – all female. Two of them were lovely. Four were not and of those four three were downright abusive. I do wonder sometimes – because of the society we live in and the society our mothers’ generation grew up in (I’m 30ish), are women bosses under more stress and pressure? Does that stress and pressure contribute to workplace abuse? I don’t know. All I know is, the majority of my experiences with bosses has been awful. And not awful in a way that I think is normal.

  • http://feministing.com/members/elcarnes/ Erica

    Here is the most recent link for the Leslie Hall intro to the fair video. Pretty amazing. Can’t wait to see this lady in action tomorrow!! http://www.youtube.com/lesliehall#p/a/u/0/WQ2JF6palRg