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Go buy this shirt. My friend made it.

Check out Ann’s must read piece at the Prospect on identity and progressive movement.

Please tell me half of American women would NOT give up sex for weight loss. Please?

Jess Wakeman at the Frisky on the end of the comic strip, “Cathy.”

The NYPD stays frisking people. Shameful.

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  • gchristo

    I am pro choice women but I find that t shirt rather annoying. Pro choice supporters get angry when anti-choice supporters yell in our faces, call us baby killers and just refuse to listen. Thats exactly what this T-shirt is doing, its cutting off the conversation. As pro choice supporters we’re obviously right but that doesn’t mean there can’t be face for discussion.

    • http://feministing.com/members/pothus/ Pothus

      I feel like there are a couple of good uses for that shirt, but unfortunately a t-shirt is a broadcast, not a targeted message. I don’t want to tell people who are conflicted about their feelings on abortion (and that’s a lot of people) that it’s my way or the highway. Yeah, I wanna say it to protesters outside of clinics and people who put those horrible bumper stickers on their cars, but I think it would be better to just, you know, SAY it.

  • spiffy-mcbang

    1) That shirt owns. If I was still a clinic escort I would get one.

    2) The sex thing is probably so high because of how it’s put forth. It’s not that they’d give up sex (which sounds permanent) for weight loss, it’s that they’d give up a summer of sex to avoid gaining weight. Since weight loss is a “good” thing to strive for and weight gain is a “bad” thing to be avoided, people will sacrifice more (probably much more) to not gain weight. So the fact half of women would make that trade, while an incredibly sad commentary on our society, isn’t much of a surprise.

  • runnergirl

    Maybe fewer women would give up sex for weight loss if better, more feminist sex was the norm!

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  • michelle-j

    Why would I buy a “pro women”/pro choice shirt when it’s going to be printed on American Apparel shirts? *Fail*

  • http://feministing.com/members/april/ April Streich

    Women would give up sex for weight loss because they don’t think they’ll get any while they’re “fat” anyway.