Congrats to Gabi, MTV’s new Twitter Jockey!


You might have already heard, but MTV’s first Twitter Jockey is a young, fat and fabulous woman of color! Gabi Gregg, 23,  was crowned by MTV on Sunday after a nationwide contest. In the Detroit’s native role as TJ, she will report on pop culture via MTV’s twitter account, blog, Facebook and the website. This is a huge event that marks the influence of new media and how legacy media is making changes in recognition of the power of social networking.

So who is this badass woman of color? Gabi is the founder of the blog Young, Fat and Fabulous. Check out her bio that has the backstory of this amazing project:

In October 2008, I decided to start my own fashion blog. As a size 18, I knew the difficulties that faced plus size women when it came to shopping and finding things that worked for our bodies. I also knew there were absolutely no resources that catered to bigger girls who were young and really into trends and contemporary designers. That’s when Young, Fat and Fabulous was born, and I haven’t looked back since.

Beyond the fact that this sistah is a trailblazer for plus size women and twitter jockeying, she is also a fan of Feministing! Referencing the words of in the FAQ section of YFF, Gabi only links to blogs that have her “foaming at the mouth with excitement” and she features and mentions us on her blog roll. So, community show Gabi some love on Twitter @MTVTJ today and wish her a hearty congrats for being the first face of Twitter Jockeying. Represent Gabi!

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