What We Missed

NPR is petitioning (against Fox News) for a front row seat at the White House Press Briefings.

Lady Gaga is scheduled to play in Arizona on Saturday, just two days after a watered-down (but still problematic) SB 1070 goes into effect. Fans are lobbying her to cancel the show.

There was a huge oil spill in Michigan on Monday, the largest in their history. The leak has been stopped, but hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil have already leaked into the Kalamazoo River.

A New Jersey library labeled the book Revolutionary Voices: A Multicultural Queer Youth Anthology as child pornography and ordered that it be removed from library shelves. Guess who is behind this? None other than Glenn Beck.

Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid met to talk about bringing the DREAM Act up to the top of the legislative agenda. This could be a huge win for advocates who have been pushing the passing of DREAM as a stand alone bill for months. This move is not unconnected to this series of direct actions take by DREAMers around the country to push on the legislators.

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