Everything you need to know about Feministing Campus

So we here at Feministing have been talking for years about getting involved more intimately with college and campus groups across the country (and beyond), but nothing really tangible came out of our discussions. It wasn’t until our last Feministing retreat, when our brilliant blogger Lori thought of the idea to create a space on Feministing for student activists and bloggers to discuss the state of feminist activism on campus, talk about what is happening in their communities, and connect with other student activists from across the globe. And as you can see, we were sold.

When we created Feministing Community, one of our core purposes was to provide an online platform for grassroots organizations and bloggers to highlight their work and engage with the Feministing community. And considering the incredible movement-building that exists on campuses these days, we thought it was about time give students a platform too. Here’s the mission of Feministing Campus:

Feministing Campus is devoted to facilitating and fostering feminist activity on and among college campuses. We are working in collaboration with students and their communities to highlight and strengthen the efforts of campus feminists to affect change at the grassroots, national, and global levels. Feministing Campus provides students with opportunities and resources to engage in productive dialogue with their peers, raise awareness about their cause, develop their leadership and organizing skills, and be connected with other feminist actors and movements.

Since this idea sparked, we’ve been talking to campus groups and centers for the last several months about getting involved with Feministing Campus, and are thrilled to be featuring some truly inspiring folks as Feministing Campus bloggers:

We couldn’t be more excited about having these groups offer their perspectives — and we’re looking for more to join the conversation! If you’re a part of a center, group or blog about campus activism/issues and are interested in contributing to Feministing Campus, please email us at contact [at] feministing [dot] com.*

For the rest of the week, you’ll be seeing introductory posts from our campus bloggers so y’all can get acquainted, and then we’ll dive right in. So here’s a big welcome to this new intiative! We hope you’re as excited about it as we are.

*Keep in mind we get hundreds of emails per day, but will get back to you!

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