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drawing of a woman with long hair, a beard, and hairy legs
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Maureen Dowd on the Vatican: “If Roman Polanski were a priest, he’d still be working here.” (And, speaking of MoDo, here’s a critique of her SATC2-style jaunt to Saudi Arabia.)
Tell the Obama administration to undo the abortion coverage ban.
Today is the second anniversary of Angie Zapata’s death.
The U.S. has made zero effort to prosecute government employees who engage in sex trafficking.
5 organizations committed to advancing women in tech.
Women be flirtin’, yeah?
Questioning the term “prima donna.”
Fast Fashion — much like Fast Food — is cheap, addictive, and built on an unsustainable, low-wage system.”
Improving life for mothers in Texas prisons.
An introduction to performance artist Laurie Anderson.
Sometimes I hate the internet.
Women in academia are less satisfied than their male counterparts.
10 things feminism could do better.
Do we really need a lady version of the TED conference?
When women poets express anger.
“The new abortion providers,” the same old dilemmas.
The gender and race problem at Paramount Pictures.
On Elena Kagan and gender.
What have you been reading/writing this week?

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