Ladies Against Fetishizing Motherhood

You just can’t make this stuff up. The Ladies Against Feminism (for real) co-sponsored a “baby conference” where Michelle Duggar of TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting received the “Mother of the Year Award.”
As Amanda tweeted, “I fail to see how being physically capable of non-stop pregnancy is the same thing as being the world’s best mother…That’s like saying the guy who can eat 50 hot dogs in a minute is the world’s greatest gourmand.” Why is ultimate motherhood simply about having as many babies as possible? And when oh when is the Christian Right going to stop promoting the notion that women’s ultimate purpose is incubating?
I also think it’s worth noting that the founder of Ladies Against Feminism, Jennifer Chancey thinks women shouldn’t vote or hold office. So apparently being a dope mother is also about teaching your children that women don’t deserve or need equal rights.
via Shelby Knox.

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  • Lydia

    Where is the evidence that the boys are being “pressured into going to college?” I doubt the parents would object if the boys took interest in a more vocational career. But the fact is, getting a good job of any type in this day and age (and this economy) almost always requires education or training of some kind beyond high school and that costs money. Money which is being set aside for the boys but not for the girls. Therefore the girls have no choice but to be dependent on their husbands. Arguing that this is comparable to the boys being “forced” to attain enough education to be independent adults with choices in life is just plain silly.

  • mamram

    “I don’t see what’s wrong with acknowledging we are mammals and living things like everything else, and that procreation is biologically what we are here to do.”
    SamLL and ScienceAndTheCity have already mentioned the difference between describing something and assigning purpose to it. Just because mammals usually produce offspring doesn’t mean that producing offspring is what we are “here to do.”

  • mamram

    Except that a college graduate, in addition to having the option of becoming a doctor or an engineer, is actually still allowed to choose stay at home motherhood if she wants. Parents should respect their kids’ choices, but do you really think that that forcing one’s child to get an education is just as bad as forcing them not to?

  • MishaKitty

    I’m personally finding these posts INCREDIBILY offensive. And finding them on a feminist site of all places! It’s like telling all the women that choose to remain childless (or cannot conceive) that we’re worthless and have no point to life. Might as well just kill ourselves now!

  • MishaKitty


  • ellid

    Vision Forum terrifies me. No lie. Not only are they anti-Christian, anti-democratic, and anti-woman, their founder’s relationship with his own daughters is just this side of incestuous. “Creepy” doesn’t begin to define these people, and that they have the enormous influence they do on right-wing causes and people is a major, unrecognized threat to democracy and human rights.


    No, sorry, this is stupid.
    Here is what is true: we have genes that give us some inclination to reproduce.
    Here are some things that do not follow from that:
    (a) our “purpose” is to reproduce
    (b) we have some general ethical duty to reproduce (c) it is in everyone’s best interest to reproduce
    (d) everyone has, on balance, a desire to reproduce

  • Sloppy Sandwich

    This is where we need the “did not like” button back.

  • brennanspeaks

    You are a breathing organism. The ultimate purpose of a breathing organism is to convert oxygen into carbon dioxide.
    Since the first single-celled bacterium developed the Krebs Cycle, every cell, everywhere, in every organism has been embarking on the higher calling of aerobic respiration every minute of every day (except when they can’t, in which case their anaerobic respiration is clearly a biological aberration).
    Since this occurs continuously in you and every other living thing, clearly it is your purpose in life. Whatever choices, whatever behaviors, whatever biological processes you undergo are oriented towards this ultimate Purpose.
    You may think you’re eating because you’re hungry, sleeping because you’re tired, blogging because you’re bored, but this is just you foolishly assigning meaning while ignoring your true Purpose in life.
    Once you stop lying to yourself and accept that respiration, by virtue of its ubiquity, is the Purpose of Life, you will at last be freed from your idolization of the ritual you call “sexual reproduction.” Until then, feel free to worship your false god, but know that you’re throwing your life away.
    So, sit back and breathe deep. It’s Science.