Queen Latifah’s unfortunate choice of words on Chris Brown: “We can’t keep beating him up”

This is the Queen Latifah I know, love, and grew up with:

This is not [on Chris Brown]:

The guy is a young guy and he made a big mistake and he needs to bounce back from that. And he needs an opportunity for a second chance…We can’t condemn that kid. He’s a kid and he needs to correct the mistake for the future, not live in the past…He needs to be forgiven. Enough already. We can’t keep beating him up.

So much for unity, huh? What happened to putting “his ass in handcuffs” and a “man don’t really love you if he hits you”?

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  • LalaReina

    I agree with Latifah, let Chris Brown live. I understand having a black face on your issue helps rally the hate but you don’t get to make Chris your poster boy forever.

  • Chris

    Hiding rapists behind race is loathsome cowardice. He’s alive, but he doesn’t deserve happiness until he learns anything. He doesn’t deserve a career based on his public image, either.

  • Chris

    “Some people seem to be more bothered by the reaction of other people than with the story at hand.”
    Both are distressing, but follow your own advice. Don’t yell at us for not insta-forgiving an abuser.

  • Chris

    Oops, I mean domestic abuser. Posting in several threads and accidentally conflated “rapist”. Different forms of disgust.

  • Sigmund

    “I think bottom line is, you can handle the incident whatever way you want.”
    Not without repercussions, you can’t. There is a huge difference between a hockey fight and domestic abuse, and I’m appalled you would make that comparison. Hockey games are competitive and violence is encouraged. This is not the case in a relationship.
    By dismissing it as a matter of point of view you are belittling the issue of domestic violence.

  • Sigmund

    While I’m sure there are some racists jumping on the “let’s-hate-Chris-Brown” bandwagon, I do not think race is the primary motivating factor here. After all, Rihanna is a black woman– couldn’t you also make the argument that people who are for Chris Brown are pro-violence towards black women? Both arguments seem weak here.

  • makomk

    But beating up a woman because she started an argument with you?
    No, that’s really not forgivable – it’s cowardly and pathetic and even though we live in a misogynist society, that’s not an excuse for the woman beaters because most men don’t beat their partners.
    Only beating up women? I still remember some of the fairly awful apologetic comments here for Elin Nordegren when there was suspicion she’d beaten her husband unconcious, so it probably does work out that way…
    Also, why is beating up women specifically “cowardly and pathetic”? Because all women are weak and feeble and all men are uber-macho paragons of strength? Pah.

  • http://feministing.com/members/meganhussey/ Megan Hussey

    Oh yeah, Chris Brown is really being ‘beaten up on;’ he has a hit dance single currently blazing the airwaves on radio stations, a big budget movie coming out; oh, and he didn’t spend a day in jail for nearly killing his girlfriend. I adore Latifah but am sad to see her jump on the ‘poor little Chris’ bandwagon.