Iceland Legalizes Gay Marriage, Prime Minister Marries Partner

We missed this awesome news: Iceland has not only legalized gay marriage this past weekend, but its Prime Minister Johanna Sigurdardottir married her long-term partner on the day it took effect, making her the world’s only national leader with a same-sex spouse:

Sigurdardottir, 67, married writer Jonina Leosdottir on Sunday, the day a new law took effect defining marriage as a union between two consenting adults regardless of sex.
The two had had a civil union for years and changed this into a marriage under the new law, which was approved by parliament earlier this month.
The new law was celebrated at a church service on Sunday, which was also the international day for homosexual rights.

Warm fuzzies! Sigurdardottir’s statement about the new law was that it was a cause for celebration for all of Iceland, adding: “I have today taken advantage of this new legislation.” Indeed.

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  • Jessica Lee

    I’m not gonna lie: My initial interest in Iceland was because I’m a huge fan of Bjork.
    Since then, and especially after reading this story, my interest in visiting Iceland has grown.
    Congratulations, Prime Minister Sigurdardottir!


    This makes me happy.

  • Anonymous

    The correct way to refer to her is actually “Jóhanna”. (The things you learn on Wikipedia!) Sigurdardottir is not her last name, but a patronym – literally, “daughter of Sigurdar”. And this is one woman that should not be defined by who her father was!

  • khw

    What wonderful news! I hope we all can learn from this.

  • GrowingViolet

    Thanks for sending along the good news! And – to use the proper Icelandic address – congratulations and best wishes to Johanna and Jonina!

  • Broggly

    Between this and their support for Wikileaks, Iceland looks pretty good to me too.

  • Anonymous

    That is just about the coolest thing I’ve heard this weekend. Congrats to the bride and bride!!!

  • FYouMudFlaps

    Yeah Iceland rules! I’ve always loved that nearly ignored little country.

  • stickinthemud

    Not sure what this says about me, but my main thought when reading this was “She’s 67?! Holy crap she looks good! Wonder what kind of skin care products she uses….”
    Perhaps I am only partially enlightened.
    Seriously, though, congratulations to her and to Iceland. Those of us in California still dealing with the aftermath of Prop. 8 need rays of hope like this.