He’s the star of Disney’s next princess movie

A few months ago Kate Harding reported about Disney’s decision that their failure to sell The Princess and the Frog meant they should screw trying to sell to girls and go for boys instead. Well, the teaser trailer for Tangled, which used to be Rapunzel before Disney decided to turn the world of children’s films into an imitation of the dude-centric adult film market, shows they really, seriously, desperately weren’t kidding.

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Besides being a terrible trailer, the message is painfully clear. Just look at the text:

He’s Fearless. He’s Dangerous. But the Kingdom’s Greatest Thief. Just Picked the Wrong Place to Hide. He’s Seen it All. She’s Been Grounded. Like… FOREVER. This Fall. It Takes Two to Get… Tangled.

(Oh my god barf. Seriously, who wrote this?)
“This movie’s about a dude. A manly man dude who’s a guy. He’s kind of like Aladdin. And also there’s a girl. I guess she can play too.” The trailer screams that this movie is for the boys. “It Takes Two” feels like a cynical acknowledgment that, well, I guess we do have to keep the girl. Rapunzel just lost the lead role, and the title, of her own story.
I know there are plenty of feminist critiques to hurl at Disney princess movies. But this is not a feminist win. Disney princesses aren’t always the best role models, but girls get to be the lead in the story. Disney deciding girls aren’t worth marketing their films to (or if the trailer is at all accurate, making movies for) is not a victory. It’s a reshaping of children’s culture into a more male-centric place. This is Disney deciding to consider girls about as worthless as Hollywood considers women.
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He’s Fearless.
Rider: They just can’t get my nose right.
He’s Dangerous.
Some guy: Rider!
Rider: Enjoy Prison. I’ll miss the sound of your laughter.
But the Kingdom’s Greatest Thief.
Just Picked the Wrong Place to Hide.
Rider:Ah, alone at last… Who”s there?
He’s Seen it All.
Rider: Hi. Alright listen, I didn’t want to have to do this but you leave me no choice. Here comes the smolder.
She’s Been Grounded.
Rider: You coming blondie?
Rapunzel: Woohoo! Best day ever!
This Fall.
It Takes Two to Get…
Rider: Let down your… oof!

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Jos Truitt is an Executive Director of Feministing in charge of Development.

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