Jessica in WaPo on Sarah Palin’s fake feminism

Vanessa mentioned this in a quick hit last week, but it deserves some more air time because it’s spot on.
From Jessica in the Washington Post:

Today, however, Palin is happily adopting the feminist label. She’s throwing support behind “mama grizzly” candidates, describing the large number of women in the “tea party” as evidence of a “mom awakening” and preaching girl power on her Facebook page.
It’s not a realization of the importance of women’s rights that’s inspired the change. It’s strategy. Palin’s sisterly speechifying is part of a larger conservative move to woo women by appropriating feminist language. Just as consumer culture tries to sell “Girls Gone Wild”-style sexism as “empowerment,” conservatives are trying to sell anti-women policies shrouded in pro-women rhetoric.

For realz. Go read the rest if you haven’t already.

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