Jessica in WaPo on Sarah Palin’s fake feminism

Vanessa mentioned this in a quick hit last week, but it deserves some more air time because it’s spot on.
From Jessica in the Washington Post:

Today, however, Palin is happily adopting the feminist label. She’s throwing support behind “mama grizzly” candidates, describing the large number of women in the “tea party” as evidence of a “mom awakening” and preaching girl power on her Facebook page.
It’s not a realization of the importance of women’s rights that’s inspired the change. It’s strategy. Palin’s sisterly speechifying is part of a larger conservative move to woo women by appropriating feminist language. Just as consumer culture tries to sell “Girls Gone Wild”-style sexism as “empowerment,” conservatives are trying to sell anti-women policies shrouded in pro-women rhetoric.

For realz. Go read the rest if you haven’t already.

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  • Michelle J

    *bangs head against wall*

  • Bridgette

    I wrote something about this on my own blog and linked it back to Jessica’s WaPo article. I got a lot of flack for it too. Sigh, but it was worth it.

  • Clarissa

    So true. What can be more offensive than somebody so anti-women as Palin appropriating the word feminist and all the intellectual and political prestige that is attached to it in order to promote her agenda of female subjection? This is an insult to all those brave women who historically worked so hard to make the word mean something.
    An added insult is that now when I tell my students that I’m a feminist they might think that I share the beliefs and the agenda of Sarah Palin. Urrrgh!