I Think There’s An App for That.

Hilarious leaked “Iphone ad.”
This video may or may not have to do with anything substantive, except that it is funny and I have a major crush on the now married Jane Lynch. I don’t watch Glee (yeah I said it!), but the only thing I can say I like about it so far is that it is has brought this awesome actress to the spotlight.

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  • Darkmoon

    She kills me in everything she’s in. As a matter of fact, she’s the primary reason I started watching “Glee”. I hate most musicals but I saw a preview ad on TV for the show and her character made me laugh aloud. Had to watch at least one episode after that and now I’m addicted.
    She’s got a very strong persona. No bullshit, very candid and very comfortable in her skin. I see her as a good example for every woman today, no matter their sexual preference, racial background or religion.
    I think we need to see more of women like this.