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Monday is the one-year anniversary of the murder of Dr. George Tiller. Harry Reid made a statement on the floor today (you can thank him here). Also, IAmDrTiller.com is calling for reflections from people to mark the anniversary.
This is unbelievably infuriating: in their objection over the repeal of DADT, the Family Research Council is saying the repeal will result in more “homosexual assaults.”
A new film was released in Ireland about the prevalence of African woman being trafficked into Ireland as sex slaves.
Guttmacher released a new report about USAID cutting contraceptive supplies to the Filipino government, having a huge effect particularly on low-income Filipino women.

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  • pedestrian

    The “gay rape” terror is really illuminating. Many straight men are terrified that they might be subjected to the objectification that women deal with every single day.
    Nobody should ever be a victim of sexual assault, but the difference in attitude is striking. Women are assumed to be responsible for preventing their own rape by following 1001 rules on what to wear, where to go, and who to be with. But men are so precious and vulnerable that they shouldn’t ever have to work with or come into contact with any man who is attracted to other men. Just in case!

  • newyorkred1

    That article about the Family Research Council is just so bizarre. One quote says we’d be in the same situation we were *50 years ago* when women were scared to report their rapes—as if women are no longer scared? And why is he conflating a homosexual act with homosexual identity, e.g. rape (fellating a sleeping, non-consenting person, as described in the article, is rape)–which has little to do with sexuality and everything to do with control. I don’t know how to feel about the verity of his report, but I wonder if most of the rapists committing homosexual acts aren’t actually gay and would not be affected by DADT. And it’s true sometimes we are overly politically correct, but does this guy seriously know nothing about privilege? Does he really think straight soldiers would be overwhelmingly shot down in favor of gay ones? Finally, I am glad the military is moving towards less discrimination but I wish it was not such a big priority for LGBT activists to become a part of a system of violence.

  • Suffering Sappho

    I like that the FRC is trying to use feminist theory, but not acknowledging that women are still victims of sexual assault. I also notice they are only focusing on gay males, because, ya know, it’s only important when the straight menz might face problems.

  • Agnes

    Ignoring all the other complete failures of logic and homophobia from this military guy – why is he equating the ‘homosexual nature’ of these assaults with actual homosexual men? As we can see from prison rape, heterosexual men can and do sexually assault other men. Just because it’s man on man doesn’t mean the offender is gay…

  • firstripegrapes

    Thanks for the link, Vanessa!
    I also want to point out that the Abortion Gang (http://www.abortiongang.org) is doing a tribute to Dr. Tiler through a variety of posts over the next few days.