Happy Birthday, Miriam!

I figured what better way to celebrate Miriam’s 26th birthday than to revive Courtney’s famous rap about “the business”…

Transcript after the jump
If you’d like to show Miriam some birthday love, she’s encouraging friends to support the Astraea Lesbian Foundation For Justice – please donate today!

number crunchin’
sucker punchin’
she’s the one that makes us function
the business, the business
she’s the moola doula
don’t be foola
she will come correct and school ya
the business, the business
happy birthday MZP
the undisputed MVP
the business the business

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  • Jos

    Happy birthday friend! Courtney, that video continues to be the best thing ever

  • sage

    Happy birthday! I always enjoy reading your posts!

  • kece80

    Happy Birthday! And happy birthing day to your mom. I love your posts and hope they keep on coming! Much appreciation for all your hard work!!