What We Missed

As if we needed more depressing news about why this is not and never was a “hecession.”
The American Academy of Pediatrics has reversed its decision last month regarding the practice of female circumcision.
Two outraged bio-ethicists call for a registry to find out what the long-term health risks are of egg donation.
Kristal Brent Zook, author of Black Women’s Lives, asks: “Are television executives really only interested in black women when we’re acting a fool? And more importantly, are we really only interested in seeing ourselves portrayed in this light?”
Abel Moreno called 911 when a police officer began assaulting his girlfriend. Before the end of the year, he could be deported to Mexico for his trouble.
Adrienne Marie Brown reflects on “by any means necessary.”
How women got the right to drink in pubs and other such Irish victories.
Ladies just love to hate on Erin Andrews. Leave the woman alone, already.
Gotta quote my girl Court Sullivan on this one: “Dear New York Observer: Please quit trying to distract me with your maddening buzz words. Brobos? Really?? I haven’t even gotten over faminists yet.”
Men Against Violence will host a national conference, “Paving a Rocky Road: Removing Barriers to Men’s Engagement” October 14-16, 2010 at Pacific Lutheran University. If you want to present, you have until June 4th to apply. Contact the organization for details.

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