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Students at a high school in Nebraska threw hundreds of fake “green cards” on the soccer field after a game against a predominantly Latino high school.
Guttmacher reports that many trained ob-gyns who intend to provide abortions never do.
President Obama angers immigration reform activists by preparing to send 1200 troops to “secure” the US-Mexico border.

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  • beth

    Not that I can make anything about this better, but on behalf of all Nebraskans, I apologize for the incident that occurred at the soccer game. I was not there, and didn’t hear about it until recently, but I agree that it was a despicable action. Again, not that it makes anything better, but at least some more dialogue has been opened about immigration and minority issues.

  • Toongrrl

    Great. How peachy keen. A bunch of obnoxious, immature, juvenile, bigoted, racist, mean-spirited twerps obviously shown they have no sense of sportspersonship and then there’s the border!!! Just great