Monday Affirmations: I can do anything good!

On this dreary Monday, may we all have the confidence of this gal who knows she can do anything good, including being a shark.
Transcript after the jump.

Look, I can be a shark!
Now, my whole house is great!
I can do anything good!
I like my school!
I like anything!
I like my dad!
I like my cousins!
I like my aunts!
I like my Allisons!
I like my mom!
I like my sister!
I like my dad!
I like my hair!
I like my haircuts!
I like my pajamas!
I like my stuff!
I like my room!
I like my whole house!
My whole house is great, I can do anything good! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I can do anything good, better than anyone, better than anyone.

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  • DeafBrownTrash

    haha. what a cute kid. thanks for the video and transcript, Jessica!!

  • mdelcas

    This video MADE my Monday, thank you!

  • redmuser

    Love, love, love this video. I can do anything good!

  • mad-historian

    This is a good mantra for anyone to start their day with! I just need to remember that I too, can be a shark and do anything good. =D

  • Heina

    I love her hair, too! I have curly hair and her look is what I try for when I style it.

  • naters

    So freaking fantastic! Though incidentally, it is in fact this same “I can do anything” attitude and desire to climb up on the counter to get my own damn glass of water at age 4, that led to me then falling backwards off the counter and biting off part of my tongue. We can’t all be as graceful and coordinated as she is. :-)