Jennifer Lopez gets whitewashed in The Back-up Plan

I know that Chloe is our resident Rom Com critic and reviewer, but I just had to add my two cents to this one.
First, a confession. I love romantic comedies. They are most definitely a top five (un)feminist guilty pleasure. I watch them not to critique, or analyze, but to escape. For me, there is nothing better than a silly, fantastical completely unrealistic romantic comedy to escape from my life for a few hours. And the reason I’m able to escape is that those movies are not about me. They aren’t about me, or my life, and they bear little to no resemblance to my everyday existence.
Then I saw The Back-up Plan.
I went in hoping for a two hour escape into the fantasy/alternate universe that is the Rom Com world. Instead I left flabbergasted and appalled by the complete and total whitewashing of Jennifer Lopez in that movie.
Spoiler alert!

Chloe has the full run down on the film, so I’ll spare you the overall plot details. But from the very first moments, as Chloe points out, the film completely whitewashes J.Lo. In the opening cartoon, she’s pictured with lily white skin and light brown hair. The only reason you even know it’s her is the big hoop earrings and infamous booty.
During the duration of the movie, never do they acknowledge Jennifer’s race or ethnicity. Absolutely everyone in her world is seemingly white, including her grandmother.
The kicker is when, at the end of the movie, she gives birth to two blue-eyed redheaded twin babies.
For real???
She looked more like a surrogate to an Irish couple than the parent of her own children.
Now listen. I get that there is racial diversity in the Latino community. I’m a Latina who is often read as white. And it’s not impossible for a Latina woman to have a white grandmother.
But really? Really? Redheaded babies?
For those of you out there who are biology attuned, redheadedness is recessive, meaning both parents have to have the gene. The chances of a Puerto Rican woman with brown skin giving birth to redheaded children? Slim to none. Even when they acknowledge she picked a redheaded donor.
On the one hand, I’m glad they picked a Latina lead in a Rom Com, and she’s not overly stereotyped by her race. On the other hand, to ignore it completely, and act as if you cast a white woman? That’s just wrong, even for a romantic comedy.

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