American Eagle Outfitters Anti-Trans Policy Changed

american eagle
This may seem like a small victory, but it’s an important one.
After discovering American Eagle Outfitters had an anti-LGBT policy on “personal appearance” for their employees requiring folks to wear gender-specific clothing, Attorney General Andrew Cuomo and workers’ rights group Make the Road have pushed the store to include trans-friendly policies at the chain — and have won. Now not only will the 2,000 employees in the 61 stores across New York be allowed to wear whatever they damn well please, but will also be given trainings on transgender issues.
We aren’t too surprised that gender policing existed at American Eagle considering the ridiculous, gendered and sexist clothes they’ve sold in the past, like “male chauvinist pig” and “beaver fever” boxers — although sadly they aren’t the only ones. Discrimination against transgender job applicants and employees is an incredible problem in this country, which makes the trans-inclusive Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) so necessary, and makes this an important win.
But of course, the Family Research Council (FRC) had to throw in their two cents on the news, taking the opportunity to push their anti-ENDA efforts by saying it actually violates the rights of the employees:

“What’s most alarming is that President Obama and the Democratic leadership in Congress want to expand these bullying litigation tactics to all 50 states by enacting into federal law a cross-dressing protection act. If Congress approves President Obama’s ENDA bill, employers in every state can expect to experience the same expensive, burdensome litigation that has been pursued against American Eagle Outfitters.
ENDA, what might be more appropriately called ‘The Cross-Dresser Protection Act,’ takes the bedroom into the workplace and unfairly burdens employers to know about their employee’s sexual lives. This major expansion of federal power over the workplace places an unnecessary burden on small businesses and local communities.

“Bedroom into the workplace”? Um, and how exactly is this about sex, FRC? If you’re going to attack a group of people, might want to be a little more informed, y’all. In fact, you could totally use some of those trans 101 sessions; it’ll help you be better bigots! Oh, and by the way: Fuck you.
Pic via Queerty. ht/ to Erin.

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