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Kiana Firouz, a 27 year old Iranian out lesbian filmmaker, was denied asylum in the UK recently. This despite the fact that a film is set to be released this week, involving Firouz, about lesbians in Iran. The Iranian government is demanding her return after clips of the movie were released, and she is likely to be tortured or even killed if she returns. You can sign this petition to support her appeal for asylum.
The City of Oakland lifted an archaic ban (that wasn’t being enforced) on cross-dressing today.
Jos has an awesome article in RH Reality Check today about the reality behind intergenerational reproductive justice organizing.
The awesome MTV show Daria is being released on DVD this week. Latoya has more at Salon about the show and the golden age of MTV.

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  • konkonsn

    The petition link is actually here: http://www.petitiononline.com/kianaf/petition.html

  • MandyV

    I’ve hit on the main points: slut-shaming, sexual harassment, girls are stupid, girls are bitches, and marriage sucks the life out of men. Thanks for making analysis so simple, Iron Man 2.
    You know how you can talk all the trash you want about your own mother when you’re mad at her for something, but the minute one of your friends agrees with your tirade and chimes in with, “Yeah man, your mom’s a PAIN!,” you immediately go into “defend Mom’s honor” mode? That’s how I feel about Courtney Love. Watching her erratic behavior over the years, it has admittedly been hard at times to call myself a fan. Yet the second someone slags off on her, my fangs come out. Don’t step to me with that tired Courtney shit-talking, ’cause I ain’t tryin’ to hear it. I’ll even go full-on Chris Crocker on your ass: leave Courtney alone.

  • makomk

    This is how the UK government’s policy of being tough on immigration works. Kiana Firouz won’t be the first person sent back to a country where they will be tortured or killed, or the last either.

  • Toongrrl

    Finally!!! Daria is Back!! Now “As Told by Ginger” should be on DVD!!!! Please watch it!!!! Help Ginger Foutley!!