Janelle Monae’s hot gender-bending Tightrope video

This video is awesome. What I most liked about it is Janelle Monae, and how she rocks the man’s style suit and shoes, along with a feminine updo and earrings. In a male-dominated and pretty heteronormative arena like the music industry, this kind of gender-bending is particularly amazing.
And did I mention she looks hot?
Lyrics available here.

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  • LurkinMerkin

    She is my new hero!
    I’ve been watching this video on and off for maybe two weeks. I sent it to my boyfriend, and we had a conversation the other night about how we very well may both be in love with Janelle Monae. It’s kind of disturbing really, but she’s just so talented and awesome.

  • brightred

    I was wondering if you all were going to post something about this…
    I just have to say this video is fucking amazing.
    (same goes for the many moons video from a year or so ago)
    that is all!

  • nyc_fem

    i’m in love with her too! and i love that her dancing focuses attention on her talent rather than her body

  • dondo.myopenid.com

    Wow. I don’t care what she’s wearing, that woman can DANCE. For me the gender-bending aspect of the costumes was less interesting than the way the homogeneity of dress emphasized their movement. Outstanding video, thanks for posting!!

  • Dena

    Ahhh, Janelle Monae! She is so friggin awesome!!! Yes, her dance moves are fire.

  • lucierohan

    That video is getting posted on my facebook immediately. This is the first time I’ve heard of this woman but I’m already in love with her. She’s really exploiting the theatrical value of the music video. Conversely, there’s not exploitation of the background dancers or the band musicians. It’s not just that she’s gender bending. She’s emphasizing the faces over the bodies of the dancers and skill over sexuality. Where there is sexuality it seems more nuanced (I think that’s the word I’m looking for).
    And jesus fucking christ can she dance. I mean some Singin’ in the Rain shit.
    At this point, for me, she one of the few bright lights among my generation’s pop musicians. Amy Winehouse was another but she fell off the face of the earth it seems.

  • Sarah

    I love this video. I’ve been watching it almost every day for a month.