Bristol Palin does not support abstinence-only

Screenshot of Bristol Palin on Fox News

Despite the widespread media attention teen mom Bristol Palin is getting for promoting abstinence, her actual message is a lot more nuanced.

Take, for example, this latest Fox News headline, Bristol Palin Sends Message of Abstinence for The Candie’s Foundation.

Yet check out what Bristol actually says in the segment when asked about the rising teen pregnancy rate in the U.S:

“I think it could be any number of things. There are different programs reaching out to teens, anything from changes in the economy to changes in availability of contraceptives or comprehensive sex education. It is really a number of things that are going on.”

So perhaps in addition to noting that Bristol does advocate waiting to have sex, the media could also point out that she also supports a comprehensive sex education message that recognizes the importance of the availability of contraception.  I know, wishful thinking.

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