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A horrifying story out of Sonoma, California where an elderly gay couple were separated and all of their possessions sold by the county.
The first person in Australia who was legally recognized as neither male or female had their “sex not specified” certificate revoked by the New South Wales government.
I keep hearing about this “female Viagra,” but when are we actually going to get it?
Feminism: Certainly not dead in Australia.
Princeton eating clubs decline to display rainbow flags for Pride Week.

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  • What the…

    Interesting quote from the female Viagra article “”In contrast to men in whom erections have played a huge role in sexual health, for women arousal is not the key problem, desire is,”
    That’s one of the big areas of separation for men and women. It never occurred to me that it would be a big problem in dealing with female sexual dysfunction.

  • makomk

    I actually do wonder about this. There’s reason to believe that Viagra doesn’t just solve a little mechanical problem, but helps men to have sex when the sexual desire just isn’t there. (For example, the porn industry is a huge user of Viagra exactly for this reason.) Men are often also reluctant to admit they’re not actually interested in sex – real men are supposed to want sex constantly.

  • Toongrrl

    This was in Sonoma? The coast? I’d hate to think about what could’ve happened in Kern County. Horrible.