What We Missed

Dr. Carhart responds to the extreme Nebraska Abortion Bills that were signed into law this week.
David Mixner has a list of the top twenty most powerful lesbians in politics. Congrats to Pam Spaulding and Coya Artichoker, among others, for making this impressive list.
Yesterday the Senate passed a resolution in opposition to the harsh anti-gay legislation pending in Uganda.
Our Bodies, Ourselves is back with the 2010 Women’s Health Heroes awards. Nominate someone today!
The New Organizing Institute is now accepting applications for the summer New Media BootCamp.
New research shows that maternal mortality has declined around the globe. This is good news, even though the US has seen an increase in maternal mortality. But these statistics don’t paint the whole picture of the maternal health and advocates have noted the surprisingly lack of mention in the research of abortion, despite unsafe abortion being a major cause of death for pregnant women internationally.

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