Quick Hit: Katie Washington, 21, is First Black Valedictorian in Notre Dame’s History

A smiling Katie Washington sits in front of a microscope
Soo excited to hear that the University of Notre Dame will graduate its first black valedictorian next month! And DOUBLY excited to hear that she’s a woman! Big ups to bad ass women of color doing it big all over the world.
NBC News reports that Katie Washington is from Gary, Indiana, and is a biology major and minor in Catholic social teaching with a 4.0 GPA. She will make history next month as the first black valedictorian from the University of Notre Dame.
Congrats to Katie and her entire family!
Thanks to Chi-Chi for the link :-)

Brooklyn, NY

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Lori Adelman is an Executive Director of Feministing in charge of Partnerships.

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  • Toongrrl

    congrats to Katie!

  • Andrew

    Yay! Katie was one of my students in Medical Ethics some years back. I am not at all surprised at her accomplishments since then!

  • genericjanedoe

    Awesome! I have several friends from the Gary area, and it’s a community facing its fair share of challenges. I’m glad she’s making Gary proud.

  • rebekah

    congrats Katie!!!!!! Biology rocks and it’s great to see a storng woman who is so intelligent representing the field

  • s mandisa

    to me, she’s not just the first black val…she’s the first black woman valedictorian. I understand that no black person has been val ever at Notre Dame (and so many more schools), but i just like the way it sounds. b/c im a black woman myself, i guess!!
    do the damn thing, Katie!!!!!!
    Im so happy for her.

  • lalalorelai14

    Congrats Katie! It’s so good to hear this coming out of my alma mater, which has had more than it’s share of problems in the way they deal with women and minority students. My graduating year the valedictorian was a woman, and it’s great to see women excelling :) Great job Katie, you’re making domers (and feminists, and people really) everywhere proud!

  • cattrack2

    Wow! Very Cool!!! Big Big Ups Katie!!!

  • Williams

    Katie, congratulation to you and continue to achieve your goals in life. Gary, Indiana is where I grow up. Thanks for keeping Gary on the map in showing that there are positive people that comes from their.smile