What We Missed

An April Fool’s “joke” at the University of Colorado Denver included printing an issue of the school’s newspaper with content like an article entitled: “Enjoy Obamacare If You Like Payin’ For Illegal Mexicans.” Lovely. A protest rally is being held today.
Another earthquake (this one 7.2) struck the border of Mexico and California on Sunday.
A mob attacked activists in Indonesia, who had gathered for a gay rights conference that had been shut down by police there.
A city ordinance is up for consideration in Austin that would require Crisis Pregnancy Centers to post signs to “notify consumers that they do not provide or make referrals for either abortion or contraceptive services.”
New unemployment numbers were released on Friday. While many are saying that it marks an improvement in the economy, Race Wire explains that the situation for Blacks and Latinos is not getting any better.
The US military has admitted (after a cover-up was revealed) that they were involved in the murder of three Afghan women during a night raid. Two of the women were pregnant.

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