22nd annual Lambda Literary Award Nominees

Each year, the Lambda Literary Awards try to highlight the top books with LGBT content. It’s a great way to emphasize this field, which is often marginalized and relegated to the LGBT shelf at the bookstore.
It’s only the finalists who’ve been announced, not the winners.
I wanted to direct folks to the list, because there are some incredible books included. One that I reviewed for Feministing recently, The Nearest Exit Maybe Behind You, by S. Bear Bergman, was included in the Transgender category.
Which brings up my issue with the awards.
While the books are categorized both by genre (fiction, non-fiction, poetry, etc) they are also categorized by whether they are considered Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender. Hence the Lesbian Fiction category, and the Gay Poetry. There are some categories that are just LGBT. There is also only one category that is labeled Transgender and just two labeled Bisexual.
I recognize that this is also a reflection of bias in the publishing industry, and the difficulty of publishing trans and bisexual content, as well as trans and bi invisibility in publishing. But it still kind of sucks, you know?
You should still check out the great books that were nominated for this year’s award.

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