Convicted abuser Monserrate won’t regain Senate seat

Hiram Monserrate, who was expelled last month from the New York State Senate after being convicted of a misdemeanor assault against his girlfriend, lost his bid to regain his seat last night. José R. Peralta won the special election in a landslide, with 66 percent of the vote compared to Monserrate’s 27 percent.

The political issue that received the most attention in this special election was the divisive topic of same-sex marriage, which Peralta supports and Monserrate opposes. Monserrate tried to create a David-and-Goliath narrative for his campaign, painting himself as the political outsider oppressed by entrenched power in Albany. As opposed to a former elected official who lost his seat because he was convicted of brutally assaulting his girlfriend.

Monserrate’s campaign seemed like a long shot. But special elections, with their typical low voter turn outs, can lead to surprising results (Scott Brown in Massachusetts anyone?). Turn out was apparently high for a special election, and thankfully voters kept Monserrate out of office.

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    Monserrate is an unrepentant misogynist thug and he belongs in State Prison, not the State Senate – I’m glad to see the residents of the 18th Senatorial District recognized that.
    Now, will the New York Police Department’s Licensing Division finally revoke his Concealed Carry Handgun License?
    Monserrate, who was fired by the department after he told a NYPD psychologist about his fantasies about killing people, should never have gotten his license in the first place (according to Article 400 of the New York State Penal Law, only officers who retired in good standing are allowed to keep their gun privileges) but now, as a convicted domestic violence offender, he really needs to be disarmed!

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