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Bridget Potter remembers a a time when illegal abortion was the only option for a woman with an unwanted pregnancy.
“As if sexual groping were a new discovery!” exclaims Shira Tarrant over at the new Ms. blog.
Miss England has eliminated their Swimsuit Competition in favor of a “Sports Challenge!”
Latoya asks: Is wealth a feminist issue?
True/slant blogger, Kashmir Hill, wonders, what’s so bad about a little stalking when it can boost your career? Gross.
In super serious news: Glee is going to perform at the White House. Oh, yeah.

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  • rebekah

    I’m premed and the idea of living in a post roe overturned society terrifies me. It also is the only thing that will make me change specialties and will send into gynecology for the specific purpose of providing safe illegal D&C’s to the women who need them

  • Sigmund

    Bridget Potter’s story is definitely worth a read, and it gave me chills. The idea that anyone could see a return to those dark days as progress is absolutely appalling.

  • s mandisa

    yes, wealth is definitely a feminist issue and i dont just mean b/c of the wage gaps. Im also talking about institutional wealth and state policies that encourage HUGE wealth gaps (like stimulus plans for banks, but not low-income communities). But I think in order to see that change in this “feminist movement” it would require, at the minimal, an intentional analysis of class and capitalism, but since class and patriarchy are so tied into white supremacy and colonialism, it would REALLY require a re-consideration of whose at the center of our analysis (e.g who are we really talking about when we say x,y,z…). But then if we did that, it would mandate focusing on the needs and experiences of low-income trans folks of color and women of color, thus putting them at the center of our analysis (especially when we are not one of these marginalized groups). Can we do this?
    I hope so……

  • Toongrrl

    I hope Miss England judges women on their athletic skills and other skills for this one.

  • Sex Toy James

    That article on wealth was pretty striking. I can’t help but wonder where children fit into that wealth gap. How much of that disparity is women stuck with childcare obligations and men without them. Assuming you can make a guy pay child support, that still doesn’t account for the huge time suck that childcare requires. That’s time that could be spent advancing oneself or time taken off of work. I’m just wondering if the best possible investment that women and minorities could be making would be in condoms.
    I’m also wondering how much coming from poverty means becoming the support structure for one’s parents and family once one starts earning a wage. Whereas my family provided a heavy support structure, and who are thoroughly financially self sufficient, I’ve known others who end up needing to help support their parents. That whole $100 of wealth is nothing if one has family with pressing needs that need financial support.
    The Economist was of the opinion that government supplied child support is one issue in narrowing the wage gap, and I can see how that would be important here. Although, strong education on birth control could change a lot of lives too. I think that our safety nets need to be strong too, so that one’s family obligations don’t weigh one down. Given the situations some people start their adulthood in, I have no idea they get ahead if they ever do.

  • SarahSimone

    There is a cute trendy name for groping now? Jesus. I can’t count how many times a peer or a man far older than me thought it was ok to grab my ass or my boobs. This is not a boys will be boys situation. If they’re not taught that grabbing a woman in that way is wrong, those groping boys will grow up to be groping men.