Girl Scouts’ good intentions

Seventy-nine percent of today’s youth say that would express an opinion even if it weren’t popular.
That’s according to a new report, Good Intentions: The Beliefs and Values of Teens and Tweens Today, by the Girl Scout Research Institute. They surveyed over 3,000 3rd through 12th grade boys and girls, painting a picture of a generation that, contrary to the media doomsday hype, is “civic minded and responsible to themselves and others, and even more committed to these values than their predecessors were 20 years ago.”
Other interesting findings:

  • 72% feel pushed “a lot” to prepare for the future (compared to 63% in 1989)
  • 13% of youth do what God or scripture tells them to do
  • 27% would lie to a principal
  • 7% of girls and 20% of boys would end a friendship with a gay/lesbian friend
  • fewer youth today (25%) than in 1989 (33%) believe that “abortion is all right if having a baby will change you life plans in away you find hard to live with
  • Boys are more likely than girls to agree that abortion is all right (29% compared to 20%)

Get your own copy of the report or read more about it here.

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