Elizabeth Warren, the contrarian economist

She’s got the unsexist job on the planet, in many ways, but damn if she isn’t trying to make the best of it and save the American economy in the process. Check out this excerpt from her interview with Guernica:

I think partly that I always had my neck bowed, I was always going to do something else. When we were able to pick an elective in junior high school and all the girls picked drama, I, of course, had to pick debate. I said I was going to take physics, you know, just because. So, there was a little bit of the “just because,” and it was a moment when Gloria Steinem was out there talking. Did I think I was going to be one of those “women’s libbers”? Heavens, no. I wanted children, I wanted a family, and I somehow thought those were either/or choices. And yet, I also wanted to do things.

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  • erinelizabeth

    Oh, I love love love Elizabeth Warren.

  • supremepizza

    I hope she’s the next Treasury Sec’y…She and Sheila Bair are about the only people within 10′ of this mess that actually know whats going on, can intelligibly discuss it, and have smart, common sense ideas on how to address the economy. Tim Geithner my azz…

  • Emeraldcityserendipity

    Unsexist or unsexiest? Assuming it’s the latter, what so ‘unsexy’ about being an economist?