A big thank you to Jessica

As Samhita steps into the role of Executive Editor, the rest of the Editorial crew wanted to take a moment to thank and reflect on the work of Jessica, our outgoing Executive Editor. While Jessica isn’t going anywhere (thankfully!) and will remain with us as an Editor, it felt important to us to recognize her incredible leadership over these last six years.
Jessica has been the vision behind this blog turned community. She’s poured her blood, sweat, tears and time into writing content, recruiting bloggers, and introducing a whole new brand of feminism to our generation. Her personal style of writing, her wit, hilarity, and ferocity has been (and continues to be) an incredibly strong force on Feministing, and her brilliance and innovation has contributed largely to what it is today. Her steadfast commitment and dedication to her readers and fellow editors for all these years has been invaluable, and all of us here at Feministing couldn’t be more grateful. She’s been a huge driving force behind the success of Feministing and without her, this community would not exist.
Unlike so many who end up under the bright, exclusive media spotlight, Jessica has consistently tried to widen the circle–pointing producers towards other feminist writers and activists, mentoring younger women about blogging and book proposals, and securing media training for the entire editorial team of Feministing. This intention and effort is part of her larger conviction that, though she is identified as the face of young feminism so often by external forces, she sees the next wave as one of true collaborators. Her loyalty, both to her friends and her values, is stunning.
So thanks Jess, for your leadership, your laughter and your incredible vision. We’re lucky to have you and excited to see what direction your contributions to Feministing go next.

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