The Monstrous Regiment of Women

I dunno if this has been posted before, I did search but couldn’t find it. Remember the preview that was posted for this “documentary” created by the Gunn Brothers last year? As of January 22nd you can now watch the whole thing on youtube… I just did and laughed a lot at the ridiculous comical portrayal of feminists, but wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry at the sheer idiocy of this movie. One thing, though: I wasn’t offended. The makers of this film talk about how offensive they’re going to be to feminists, but it’s too ridiculous to offend.
My favourite parts have to be the cartoon feminists with the speech bubbles saying “nag, whinge, accuse” over their heads as cartoon bags of money pile at their feet, and also the woman who claims to have been an abortionist bent on becoming a millionaire by going to schools and making girls sexually active by giving them faulty pills so they’d “have three to five abortions before they turned 18″. If you’ve got time to spare, do check it out. If you’ve only got a minute, just check out part 4. My eyes just about dropped out of my head with disbelief. Following that, a woman in flowing white robes says of her toddlers, “When my daughters walk into a room, I want them to convey virginity.” There are so many hillarious WTF moments in this film, it was well worth the 50 mins of watching it.

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