Virginia OKs pro-choice license plates, but not without anti-choice efforts to divert funds from PP

After we were thrilled to announce the sale of Planned Parenthood of Virginia’s “Choose Choice” license plates, the state House decided that although the plate was introduced by the organization, none of the funds made from the plates’ sales should actually go to them. This is despite the fact that the funds from “Choose Life” license plates — already available in the state — currently support the anti-choice organization that introduced them, Heartbeat International.

The good news is that the Virginia Senate struck down the Senate version of the House amendment yesterday, and voted to allow the license plates with the money going to Planned Parenthood.

It’s standard for non-profit organizations to receive at least a portion of sales from state license plates that they create. Additionally, Planned Parenthood publicly stated that the funds from plate purchases would not be used for abortions, but apparently that wasn’t good enough for the Republican-controlled House. Their decision was amended for the funds to be redirected to Virginia Pregnant Women Support Fund, a program created by the state Board of Health for women with unintended pregnancies.

Thankfully we have the Senate on our side. The final decision of where the funds will go has to be made between the divided houses by the end of the season; you pro-choice Virginians out there can help them make the right one. Also pre-order one of their awesome plates here.

Via Spare Candy.

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