Violence against women is a-okay, says adolescents in UK study

A small study of middle school students in Glasgow revealed that the majority of them said it was justified to hit a woman if she had an affair or failed to have dinner ready on time. Via BBC:

The research involved 89 primary seven children at five Glasgow primaries.
The 11 and 12-year-olds were questioned in depth about their attitudes and aspirations towards gender roles and behaviour.
They were asked to consider whether or not a man was justified in punching his partner when he found out she had had an affair.
Nearly all of the children thought that the woman deserved to be hit.
In another scenario, about 80% of the children said a man had cause to slap his partner because she did not have the dinner ready on time.

The researchers also said the girls involved were more aware of expectations to get married and have children and to curtail their careers in the process.
Whether or not the students in this study were serious in their contention that violence against women is okay, or simply thought it would be funny to answer “yes” to these questions, you still find yourself with the same result: that violence against women continues to be normalized among youth. And that’s really unsettling.

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