Comedy Central’s Tosh.O Transphobia Fail

Daniel Tosh of Comedy Central’s Tosh.O tells tasteless jokes about what’s happening on the internet. But his recent spiel about the world’s tallest model was not only completely fucked up, he also actually asked for extra time in his segment so he could fit all of the tired transphobic jokes he could muster up. Super original stuff, I’m telling you. Via Bilerico:

Tosh’s series of one-liners about “the world’s tallest model” starts out with a trans joke but quickly dances away for a more general series of putdowns and snide comments. Sadly, Tosh doubles the length of the segment just so he can make more transphobic jokes.

Afterwards he says, “Alright, now I feel better.” Glad you got all that trans bashing out of your system, Tosh?

(Video may be upsetting.)

World’s Tallest Model
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If you have a Twitter account, Bilerico is calling for folks to tweet him before his show airs tonight:

Don’t be a d–k @danieltosh World’s Tallest Model jokes went too far #lgbt #trans

GLAAD is also taking action.

Video transcript after jump.

As SI is about to release the swimsuit issue, here’s my vote for the cover model. She’s considered the world’s tallest model. Her profile reads 6’8”, 245 pounds, loves sushi, hates having a boner. Let’s see how many funny comments we can post in 20 seconds. Pound for pound, she’s the ugliest model in the world. She’s so tall, you have to go up on her. In her off-time, she likes to stomp on buildings in Japan. A handy from that chick will make your junk look like a toothpick. Is it just me, or does Dirk Nowitzki look wonderful in a bathing suit? Deadly turnaround too. I feel like I overlooked something, can I get 20 more seconds on the clock? Thank you. The worst part about being that tall is that it makes your dick look small. 7-foot tall model is like a unicorn; it’s unique, magical and probably has a dick. Like most models, I assume they photoshop her dick out. If you had sex with her, you’d be gay – because that dude has a dick. Alright, now I feel better.

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  • Auriane

    Oh, Tosh.0, will you ever cease to be so derivative and boring? Seriously, I gave up on him mid-way through the very first episode. Now I’m reminded why!

  • MishaKitty

    I literally caught maybe 30 seconds of his show a couple weeks ago while channel surfing. He said something about how his viewers complained that he had not been showing enough clips of puke (yes, you read that right) so he proceeded to show…clips of people puking. I felt my IQ slip about 10 points and changed the channel immediately.
    But regardless, that little transphobic diatribe of his is not at all funny and just hateful. If I had Twitter, I’d be sure to make it known what a horrible, unfunny jerk he is.

  • Toongrrl

    I knew it from the first time I’ve seen his smug ass smile. Looks like you lose whether you’re 5’1 1/2 like me or 6’8″ like the model.


    I’ve literally never heard of this Tosh.O cretin until now.
    I take it he’s supposed to be “funny” or “edgy” or something.
    But belittling a tall model by saying she’s “ugly” and unfeminine and claiming she’s trans is far from amusing.
    It’s pathetic.
    It’s mean spirited.
    Of course, it’s sexist, homophobic, transphobic and looksist.
    And, as always with mean spirited homophobic and transphobic men, it makes me wonder – is this guy’s motivation for being a bigot to shame the queerness within himself?
    In any case, this is way past inappropriate and this guy needs to be called to account.

  • ooperbooper

    People watch this show? I was pretty sure Comedy Central only existed to run the Daily Show and reruns of Scrubs.
    Anywho, this wasn’t remotely funny. But comedians in general have a pretty horrible track record when it comes to gender issues. Remember Dane Cooks vagina fear? Or anything that Larry the Cable Guy has ever said? It’s unfunny and quite frankly very strange. I vote for more female/LGBT comedians and comedy writers and less frat boy types.


    Never heard of this guy, won’t remember his name in… ok, actually, already forgot his name. Worse than being bigoted, he just isn’t funny.

  • Lilith Luffles

    Honestly, this isn’t worth giving publicity to. I mean, it wasn’t tasteful and was absolutely disgusting, but ALL of his jokes on that show are. I’m not even kidding. He always tries to muster out the most sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic jokes that he can. It’s all that little segment and the rest of his show are. To have heard nothing about the racism, homophobia and sexism in the show before hearing about this instance of transphobia… just strikes me as odd. After watching that, I didn’t really feel any more disgusted than any other time he did the 20 seconds of insults bit. The extra 20 seconds went too far, but they were more about how a model that tall has to be a man, not why trans people are gross. Gross, but he didn’t say anything like “go back to being a man like you were born.” Though I guess an ignorant audience would think that pointing out a trans person is the same as saying that they should go back to being their assigned gender…
    Seriously, on the Erin Andrews voyeurism video he said “I’m appalled… that video isn’t better quality!” and then he went on to talk about how a video like that should be better quality. He loves the “women can’t drive” meme. Jokes like this are all that he does on that show. Kind of sad, because his stand-up wasn’t nearly as bad. Sometimes you can tell a joke on the show was a writer’s joke because he’ll be like “wow… that was pretty racist.” It’s an awful show, but there is so much that is awful about it that it’s not even worth the time and publicity in my opinion.

  • MLEmac28

    I’ll stop watching the show immediately!
    Oh wait, I never thought he was funny to begin with.

  • Jessica Padkin

    Only one of those comments even qualifies as a joke, really, and that’s the ‘go up on her’ crack. The others are nothing more than rather desperate insults.
    And all this just because she’s very tall? Is this for the sake of insecure men who are intimidated by women taller than they are?

  • Dawn.

    I agree with Lilith Luffles. I’ve seen a few Tosh.o episodes, and they are all like that clip, which is disgusting, don’t get me wrong. This show is a deliberate attempt to make the most racist, sexist, homophobic, and transphobic “jokes” on cable. He openly admits to that during his show and on its commercials. During an episode, after a sexist “joke” he said, “And that was the sound of our last female viewer changing the channel.” Yeah, he’s trying to be “edgy.” I don’t think doing anything publicly about it would help. That’s what he wants – a bunch of “angry” feminists “bitching” about his show. He would probably do a segment about it.

  • makomk

    Does Daniel Tosh have cretinism? Somehow I suspect not, so please don’t call him a cretin – it’s kinda ableist.

  • Mighty Ponygirl

    Infomania is a much better show. While (sadly) Sarah Haskins has moved on and is no longer doing Target: Women, they still have That’s Gay, and a whole lot of snark about media and web trends, and they’re much more likely to make fun of people who are being sexist, racist, ablist (!!) or transphobic than they are to make jokes about that stuff.
    Ben Hoffman can be abbrasive, but he’s sort of like the show’s Lewis Black character.

  • ladybeethoven

    I never thought his show was that funny (it would come between the shows I liked on Comedy Central, like South Park and Futurama, and I’d actually change channel or turn the TV off rather than put up with his non-funniness and, often, misogyny), and never got the point of it either. If you want to know what the latest Internet video is, isn’t that what YouTube’s “Most Watched” list and are for? Do they really need to put it in a TV show?