Comedy Central’s Tosh.O Transphobia Fail

Daniel Tosh of Comedy Central’s Tosh.O tells tasteless jokes about what’s happening on the internet. But his recent spiel about the world’s tallest model was not only completely fucked up, he also actually asked for extra time in his segment so he could fit all of the tired transphobic jokes he could muster up. Super original stuff, I’m telling you. Via Bilerico:

Tosh’s series of one-liners about “the world’s tallest model” starts out with a trans joke but quickly dances away for a more general series of putdowns and snide comments. Sadly, Tosh doubles the length of the segment just so he can make more transphobic jokes.

Afterwards he says, “Alright, now I feel better.” Glad you got all that trans bashing out of your system, Tosh?

(Video may be upsetting.)

World’s Tallest Model
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If you have a Twitter account, Bilerico is calling for folks to tweet him before his show airs tonight:

Don’t be a d–k @danieltosh World’s Tallest Model jokes went too far #lgbt #trans

GLAAD is also taking action.

Video transcript after jump.

As SI is about to release the swimsuit issue, here’s my vote for the cover model. She’s considered the world’s tallest model. Her profile reads 6’8”, 245 pounds, loves sushi, hates having a boner. Let’s see how many funny comments we can post in 20 seconds. Pound for pound, she’s the ugliest model in the world. She’s so tall, you have to go up on her. In her off-time, she likes to stomp on buildings in Japan. A handy from that chick will make your junk look like a toothpick. Is it just me, or does Dirk Nowitzki look wonderful in a bathing suit? Deadly turnaround too. I feel like I overlooked something, can I get 20 more seconds on the clock? Thank you. The worst part about being that tall is that it makes your dick look small. 7-foot tall model is like a unicorn; it’s unique, magical and probably has a dick. Like most models, I assume they photoshop her dick out. If you had sex with her, you’d be gay – because that dude has a dick. Alright, now I feel better.

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