Be a Sexy Sesame Street Character.

You read that right. Halloween costumes are in early this year, and between being sexy mustard, the sultry Nemo costume and now this, it’s as if the holiday has turned into a contest of who can think of more ludicrous shit for women to wear. Via Gothamist, we find that a costume shop is selling a line of sexualized Sesame Street costumes (with teen sizes too!).
I was obsessed with Cookie Monster when I was a kid — I’d pretend to be him by shoving all of the food on my plate into my mouth at the dinner table and sing the “C is for Cookie” song at the top of my lungs (as the food then fell out of my mouth). Who knew my aspirations to be the Cookie Monster when I grew up could be fully realized by wearing a short blue furry dress and knee highs?
h/t to Erin.

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