Notes from a bitch…pondering five years of blogging…

This week my personal blog, AngryBlackBitch, will celebrate five years of practicing the fine art of bitchitude.
I still remember not understanding how to post pictures as if it were just yesterday.
Sigh again.
When I began blogging it was with the expectation that only my friends and family would read my posts.
I never could have imagined that folks outside my circle would care about my thoughts and opinions…but that didn’t matter, because I fell in love with writing right from the start.
From the beginning, I have been an activist who blogs. But blogging has been and remains a fantabulous way to grow as an activist…to share my opinions and concerns and get feedback from people all over the world. Blogging is a unique medium that has brought me great joy…taught me a lot about myself and others (the good, the bad and the rancid)…and helped me grow as a feminist.
So, as an anniversary present to myself I’m going to encourage all y’all to document your activism. You don’t have to blog it (I’ve heard that there are still people out there keeping offline journals…I know, ’tis shocking!) And, if you blog about your activism, you don’t have to share that blog with anyone if you are uncomfortable with that.
But I do recommend putting your thoughts down…your frustrations, joys, concerns, hopes and goals…because there’s nothing like taking a journey back through those posts to see the evolution of your activism and your mission.
‘Tis a humbling journey…it can be damned embarrassing…but it is ultimately illuminating and empowering to see how far you’ve come even as you acknowledge that you’ve got miles upon miles yet to go in the struggle.
And if you’re already documenting and blogging…keep on keepin’ it real!

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  • SadieWest

    Thanks for that, and for each and every one of your words. I’m still grappling with the realization that I have a voice, and that it’s worth listening to. Now, to make it heard…

  • Comrade Kevin

    I’ve been blogging now close to five years myself, and it has been a rewarding experience. The first few entries are embarrassing to read through now, but I realize also that I was getting my act together.

  • gadgetgal

    It’s amazing how one short comment can inspire you – I’ve been thinking about doing a blog for AGES, mainly to keep as a diary, random thoughts, pictures and stuff, but I’ve never got round to it (mostly because I didn’t know what to do with it!). But today I’ve started to put together some info to share – probably only with family and friends, I haven’t got a huge amount I want to share with the world, and I’m a bit shyer in reality than my online persona – but it was after reading this post that I started.
    I just wanted to say thank you and I really like the stuff you write – keep blogging!

  • Renee

    I just wanted to say happy anniversary. You are quite right that blogging can open your mind to so many different things. There are times you want to quit because you have publicly put your foot in your mouth and forgiveness seems like it will never be forthcoming but even from these moments of great frustration, if you can stand the storm you can learn so much. The comment section on my blog has taught me so much and really challenged my view of the world. What I love about blogging is the sense of community and the learning growing together. It is especially important for marginalized bodies because our experiences are ignored in the mainstream. Blogging gives one a platform that is completely new and wonderful. I highly encourage it for everyone.

  • Auriane

    Congrats on the anniversary!
    There are a lot of people who still keep paper journals, btw! Some things are too juicy, too private and too interesting for general consumption, and some of us are too shy (or classy, depending on how one looks at it) to splash all the lurid details of our private lives for everyone to see. It’s one of the last places to be totally honest without having to deal with everyone else’s crap (at least if you’re around honest people and/or good about squirreling your journal away), and a great backup in the event that the lights get shut off and the zombies walk the earth after all.

  • Laura_M

    Congratulations! :) I’ve only been reading your blog for about a year and a half, but I love it. Keep on being awesome, which won’t be difficult for you at all. :)