Attn: Rep Hunter, Intersex People CAN Serve in the Military

Can someone please let Rep. Hunter know that intersex individuals are already allowed to serve openly? He seems to have missed that memo…

Kailana is an intersexed true-hermaphrodite, 46XY/45XO CAH, reconstructed male, reassigning female. She was born with both ovaries and testes and she is a veteran. She served from 1989-1993 and knowledge of her “condition” did not stop her from being deployed to Kuwait (Desert Storm/Desert Shield). She left the armed services with an honorable discharge due to a back injury.

In this YouTube video she addresses Republican Representative Duncan Hunter’s opinion that repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell will lead to letting hermaphrodites into the military which he thinks will be disruptive to unit cohesion particularly in combat situations. 

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